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We are all about transparency. We want you to have all the information you need about out Professional Wind and Eavestrough Cleaning services.

How is my window cleaning price calculated?

There are a number of factors that play a role in determining the final cost of your residential window cleaning service.

The first being the number of windows you have. That is the starting point for all quotes we give. Refer to the photo to get an idea of how we count windows. 

Other factors include, but not limited to:

  • Can your windows be cleaned from the ground 
  • Are there challenging ladder set ups needed
  • Is there difficult to remove debris or stains on the glass

Hypothetically, two houses with the exact same window count could have vastly different prices. But you can rest assured that the price quoted to you will be the final price – no additional charges will be added once the estimate is approved.

decriptive image of how to count window panes
gutter or eavestrough full of leaves ready to be cleaned

How is my eavestrough cleaning price calculated?

Determining your eavestrough cleaning price is a little more straight forward than window cleaning. 

Your quote will be based upon the total linear footage of eavestrough on your home and how full/stained they are.

The per linear foot price on second and third storeys are slightly higher than ground level. Heavily filled gutters will also cost more compared to maintenance cleans.

Do I need to be home the day of the cleaning?

For exterior cleaning it is not necessary for you to be home the day of your cleaning. 

If you will not be home we ask that:

  • Any gates to the backyard be left open 
  • All windows be closed
  • Water spigot on the outside of the house be turned on 
  • Any screens that are on the outside of the glass and  are only removable from inside the house be removed. Windows left inaccessible will not be cleaned. 

If you are having interior cleaning done, yes someone will need to be home or have access arrangements made prior to us arriving. 


eavestrough cleaning

How should I prepare for my window cleaning?

In order to clean your windows effectively and safely, we need to have easy access to the glass. 

For interior work we ask you create a clear path for us prior to our arrival. Clear any plants, trinkets, pictures, paperwork, etc. from window ledges as well as any obstructive window coverings. 

For exterior work, please ensure the perimeter of your home is free of any obstructions. We have all the tools to safely clean most windows. However, if we are unable to safely clean an obstructed window it will not be cleaned and noted on your invoice.


It's supposed to rain, will the rain affect the results? Will I have to reschedule?

Dirty windows are caused by dust, pollen, salt and other airborne pollutants getting on the glass. Dirty windows are not caused by rain. You can rest assured that once they are clean they will stay clean, until dirtying as then naturally would over time.

We do still work when there is light rain in the forecast. However, when the elements make it unsafe (heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, etc) the job will have to be rescheduled.

We will notify you if your service needs to be rescheduled with as much notice as possible.

Wet glass window cleaning
payment methods

What methods of payment do you accept?

With our paperless scheduling and invoicing software, payments can made directly from your emailed invoice!

We accept: 

  • All major credit cards
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Interac E-transfer


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