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Window Cleaning

Sparkling clean windows has a way of making your home feel like a happier, warmer place for you and your family. The problem is cleaning the windows in your home yourself can be a time consuming and dangerous task. Especially for those high up and tough to reach windows. To get the results your are looking for, some things are best left in experienced hands. 

We specialize in residential window cleaning in York Region and the Greater Toronto Area on houses of all shapes and sizes – no job is too big or too small.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure water window cleaning technology is the newest innovation in the window cleaning industry. It is by far the safest way to clean windows and delivers immaculate results. Without the use of any chemicals or cleaning agents, a 3 stage water filtration system turns impurity and mineral filled tap water into 100% pure de-ionized water or “hungry water”. 

The importance of using de-ionized water is on a molecular level. This water has a natural affinity to bond to anything it comes in contact with. As a result, the dirt and minerals on a dirty window are “soaked up” and rinsed away by the pure water. With the use of a telescoping pole with a specialized brush, the pure water is fed up the pole and out of the brush onto the dirty window to be scrubbed and rinsed. What you’re left with is a wet, but perfectly clean window. Because the water is 100% pure there are no streaks or spots left as it dries.

We use our pure water system on 90% of our jobs but there are some instances when we will have to use traditional methods. In short, if we can keep our feet on the ground, we will.

Screen Cleaning

Nothing can ruin a good window cleaning job like a dirty screen. No matter how clean the glass is, a screen covered in dust, dirt, bugs or cobwebs will always make a clean window look dirty. We rinse and scrub all the debris off the screen using our specialized water fed screen washer. 

No Soaps. No chemicals. Just water and nylon brushes will get your screens looking their best!

Track Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, the glass and the screens are stars of the show. However your tracks should also be invited to the party!

Not only are dirty tracks an eyesore but they can also be a health concern if mold has started to grow. Include your tracks in your next window cleaning and enjoy the fresh air and clear views!

Track cleaning before and after

Window Cleaning Pricing



Exterior Window Cleaning (single sided cleaning)


Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning (double sided cleaning)


Screen Cleaning


Deep Track Cleaning


(minimum job price of $150.00 + HST)

Eavestrough Cleaning

Having your eavestroughs cleaned and maintained is an integral part of any home maintenance plan. However, eavestroughs are often forgotten – out of sight, out of mind. Gutters should be cleaned at least once be year, usually in the fall. Depending on the type and number of trees on your property sometimes multiple cleanings per year are required. Neglected gutters can result in very costly repairs to your roof, foundation, landscape and the eavestrough system. 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

Our specialized Gutter Vacuum system enables us to complete most gutter cleaning jobs from the ground. With a vacuum so powerful it needs a generator to run at full power and mounted camera to see what is going on in your gutters, it is the quickest, safest and most effective way to clean eavestroughs. Check it out in action here!

Leaves the ladders and buckets in the garage and let us do the dirty work.

gutter vacuum

Eavestrough Brightening

Over time, exposure to the elements can leave the outer and undersides of your gutters and fascia dingy and discoloured. Although this discolouration will not affect the functionality of of your eavestroughs, if left untreated the discolouration can become heavily oxidized and unable to be completely removed. 

Our Eavestrough Brightening service combined with Interior Eavestrough Cleaning will have your system not only functioning properly but will have your eavestroughs looking like new again!  

Eavestrough Cleaning Pricing



Eavestrough Cleaning

$1.75 - $2.00
per linear foot

Eavestrough Brightening

$1.50 - $1.75
per linear foot

Minor Repairs

On site estimate

(minimum job price of $200 + HST)

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